When do orders arrive?

The book will ship during the same or next business day. We'll send you an email when it's on the way! US shipping takes approximately 5 business days.

When do international orders ship?

International orders will ship in early September.

Is there free shipping?

US: Free shipping.

International: Shipping is based on location. International shipping is expensive and we've arranged the best prices possible. However, we are planning a book tour! Keep an eye out for notifications to see if we'll be in your city. See you soon! Send an email to info@jewlish.com for more info.

Please note that for international addresses any 3rd party taxes, duties or fees incurred are the responsibility of the customer. For more information see the Shipping and returns page.

Is the book paperbound or hardcover?

The book has a premium hard cover. Nobody wants a softcover cookbook that doesn't stay open...

Who is behind Jewlish?

Dana and Jacob are! They share their story in the first section of the book.

How many pages are there?

200 pages of Jewish deliciousness.

How big is the book? 

8" x 10"

A coffee-table worthy size, but not too big for the kitchen counter.

Am I allowed to complain about the recipes?

Feedback is encouraged: kvetch@jewlish.com

Where is The Jewlish Cookbook sold?

The Jewlish Cookbook is only for sale on this website: shop.jewlish.com

Who do I contact for promotional/tour/bulk orders?